2017 - WE ARE STILL MACHINES Digital Album - Pre-order


Pre-order of "We Are Still Machines" digital album! You get 2 tracks immediately: "Engage Me" (kamancheh loop played by Amir Mofrat, Iranian musician from Arak, to whom my biggest and sincere thanks goes) and "Like A Dervish", plus the complete album the moment it's released! Unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

About kamancheh (played by Amir Mofrat in the track "Engage Me"): the kamancheh is an Iranian bowed instrument, used also in Azerbaijani, Turkish and Kurdish music and related to the rebab, its historical ancestor and also to the Byzantine lyra, the precursor of the European violin family.

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Posted: June 18th, 2017
Author: Armenia

2017 - LIKE A DERVISH Digital 45


"Like a Dervish" is my killer Digital 45 of the year on Bandcamp. It anticipates the release of the album "We Are Still Machines" in 2017.
With "Like A Dervish" I wanted to experiment with my voice, creating something intense and shareable, very close to the song format. The ambience is strange, mysterious, with unexpected openings toward the light. Rhythm doesn't give breath and the whole comes close to something that could be defined as "alternative dance".
The text (which mentions the imaginary character Slender Man, the so-called "boogeyman") says:

I'm not your Slender Man
I live in a broken day
I'm not your Slender Man

I eat like a dervish
I drink like a dervish
I think like a dervish
And I live like a dervish
Like a dervish

I arranged the song in two versions. The second is named "Waving". It sways. Like true dervishes, of course. :-))

This is the full track list:

1 Like A Dervish
2 Like A Dervish (Waving)

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Posted: March 23rd, 2017
Author: Armenia

1998 - DISTESA - L'ULTIMA STANZA (90s) Digital EP


February 1983 is the date of birth of the musical group Elettra, become Distesa in 1987. The band is from the very beginning formed by two brothers Armenia residing in Genoa.
Distesa one day suddenly emerged from the unconscious motivations of their members and thanks to the possibilities triggered by instinct.
The result has been the development, over a period of fifteen years, of a musical adventure that never came to the honor of the limelight.
These vintage digital recordings are a document of their latest production in the late 90s, before terminating their artistic activity.

Antonio Armenia: synth, sampler, drum machine
Luisa Lù Armenia: vocals, Digitech Vocalist

Music and lyrics by Distesa
released 01 January 1998

This is the full track list:

1 Nuovo credo
2 Aurora
3 Di vetro
4 Le radici del ritorno

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Distesa - with Luisa Armenia, Antonio Armenia

Posted: September 1st, 2015
Author: Armenia

2015 - REBOOT Live Album

Reboot Live Album


Finally in 2015 my first live electronic album REBOOT comes, available in digital stores and on self-produced CD!
REBOOT, live recorded album at Centro Civico G. Buranello in Genoa, January 10, 2015, comes out.
During the search of just the perfect gig, after having digitally stored on many occasions the electronic performance, the first live set in 2015 reveals itself as one to immortalize, thanks to a magical combination of characteristics: the feeling and right warmth, intimacy, public involvement and the excellent audio master which keeps energy!
REBOOT, trustworthy picture of the whole concert, in addition to seven updated instrumental pieces from the previous studio album A NEW BEGINNING, includes three unreleased tracks, which were created during concerts in past two years: UNDER SKY, YOU ARE THE TASK (in double version) and LEAD ME TO LINES.
To complete the album for the visual side nine corresponding live videos will follow: the first two are already available on YouTube and Vimeo (UNDER SKY/YOU ARE THE TASK and TO THE STARS).
A big thank you to Barbara and Claudia for care and constant support and to the whole association Duplex Ride for the strength of its intent: in particular one thank goes to Marco Cacciamani, Riccardo Canessa, Gerardo Fornaro, Angela Mambelli, Gianriccardo Scheri and Valerio Solari. Without their attention and their engagement in the artistic Genoese association that took care of the organization of the concert within the festival REPARTO OVEST, this release would not exist today.
Album's graphics was created by Armenia and Marco Cacciamani for video capture.

This is the full track list of REBOOT:

1 Under Sky
2 You Are The Task
3 To The Stars
4 Slave
5 Lead Me To Lines
6 Saving Energy
7 Quantum Dot
8 My Secret Heart
9 A New Beginning
10 You Are The Task (Reboot)
11 Alma

Good listening!

On Bandcamp 11 tracks €. 7,00

Posted: February 19th, 2015
Author: Armenia

2013 - DUPLEX RIDE vol. 1 CD


Duplex Ride CD

Duplex Ride CD

Duplex Ride CD

CD Limited Edition. For sale only at "Doctor Music", via di Scurreria 24-26 R, Genova.
CD includes "Saving Energy" by Armenia: live recording at Casa della Musica, Genova, January 11, 2013.
By Duplex Ride.

Posted: December 25th, 2013
Author: Armenia

2011 - A NEW BEGINNING Album


Armenia consolidated here his experience as electronic musician, focusing on the search for naturalness that comes from the attention in the arrangements but also from the spontaneity of improvisation in studio, in a context where sound's synthesis and pulsation become charged with an obscure emotionality.
"A new beginning" is a systemic work, an overall view, where Bush is overlying Gandhi, science crosses over into metaphysics and reassuring control reveals itself as modern man's obsession. From the explicit and implicit messages that are conveyed by the musician transpires attention to the perception of the world and to interpretation of the Essence.
Musically, serial repetition and search for difference at the same time are two important stylistic figures. The rhythm, which often denotes tribal references, intensely carries out a grounding's strong function.

The track list is:

1 Saving Energy
2 Slave (Flash)
3 Facing The Abyss
4 Empty World
5 The Core
6 Quantum Dot
7 Slave
8 Here I Am
9 To The Stars (Intro)
10 To The Stars
11 New Worldline
12 My Secret Heart
13 Alma
14 A New Beginning

On Bandcamp 14 tracks €. 7,00

Posted: October 2nd, 2011
Author: Armenia